CodyAce Air Conditioning Brackets

Bolt-in Conversion Brackets for Any SR20 in both S13 and S14 cars!

-A true bolt on Solution for All SR20 swapped S chassis owners, utilizing the DOHC KA compressor-


Arguably one of the biggest issues/pet peeves with the SR20 swap in USDM S chassis cars it the lack of working AC in them. This has always been an issue due to line differences , compressors being seized, and lack of AC shops to make an affordable solution.
A few years back I solved this issue by making conversion brackets that allow owners to bolt their DOHC KA compressors to any type of SR20 engine. Now, 3 variants later, I’m on version 4.0 of my kits, finally offering clearance for ALL oil pans (Greddy/Moroso/Tomei/Circuit Sports) and all sway bar combinations that I could get my hands on for both chassis.



How does it work

Kit Contents: Literally Everything!

New Features


As stated above, the kits allow any KA compressor to be bolted to any SR20 type; they are completely interchangeable so long as you know the compressor type, and SR bracket type.

Essentially, you could use an S13KA compressor in an S14 car, and you can use a redtop bracket kit on a blacktop engine…no more worries about getting the right stuff, as it all works! Pulley and belt line up works the same regardless.

All of the needed hardware to secure the adapter brackets to the SR bracket, and new hardware to secure the compressor to my adapters brackets. My kits also come with the correct belt for the application (so long as using OEM crank pulley, if using aftermarket you can purchase kits without belt, please Contact Us)

The new version 4.0 brackets offer a new thinner profile, thanks to utilizing flat head allen bolts to secure the adapters to the SR bracket. The Flat head allen bolts also allowed the compressor to be moved up nearly ¾ of an inch finally giving clearance to the Moroso pan owners.

Lastly, the Flat head allen bolts self-center the brackets, meaning no misalignment issues!